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Aunt Dahlia: Your Uncle Tom's been having a bad time lately with his collection; everything he's tried to buy, that blasted Watkyn Bassett has pipped him at the post! If he can get this thing cheaply, it may save him from an early grave. (Jeeves clears his throat)

Aunt Dahlia: You have one of your wonderful ideas, Jeeves?

Jeeves: If Mr. Wooster, while sneering, could imply that the object is probably of modern Dutch manufacture, then the vendor might be the more inclined to lower his ambitions.

Bertie: Why Dutch?

Jeeves: The Dutch, Sir, while an admirable people in many ways, and renowned for their domestic hygiene, are not considered to be of the first rank in matters of argentine craftsmanship.

Aunt Dahlia: (to Bertie) Well, you heard what Jeeves said; now, run along and sneer!